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If it does, it's O.K. but the name of the game in today's flooded job marrket, is to stand out from the competition.

The old tricks of thicker or textured paper are out the window. It's not just what you say but, how you say it and,  how you present it. In the world of Monsters, Jobbings, and Career Builders your resume needs to compete in the digital world.

Don't believe us? When was the last time you submitted a resume on paper? They go through email and automated web interfaces that scan for keywords. Even faxing resumes has become antiquated way of applying for jobs.

Our resume writer was a recruiter for 10 years. She has dissected thousands of resumes and knows what employers and HR professionals look for when seeking qualified candidates. With her expertise you will be sitting in the interview chair before you know it.

Writing costs start at $99.99, depending the length and  your needs.

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