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"I had 18 years experience in product development and I was still having trouble getting into interviews. This market is like nothing I've ever seen. After I put up my professional portfolio and got my resume re-worked at Not Your Standard Resume, I started getting interviews right away. I was extremely impressed as well as relieved. I was working within the month. It was a valuable service,even for a seasoned professional like myself."
"I was a retired Administrative Assistant who needed to reenter the work force. I needed help updating my skills and make my resume work in a digital age. I had plenty of experience I just needed to express it in a way that would get me noticed and Not Your Standard Resume did that for me. If you want results, I highly recommend their services."
"I got laid off in 2008 when my company downsized. I was upset and didn't know what to do. My unemployment benefits were running out and I needed help. I wasn't getting too many responses with my resume as it was. A friend told me about Not Your Standard Resume.com and I figured it was a small investment on the return a regular job would give me. It is working!!! I have had 3 interviews in the last month and a half and I know the next good thing is right around the corner!"

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